The effective way to combat or prevent (long term) back pain. 30 thumb-like nodules allow the dorsal muscles to relax, especially in the area of the thoratic spine. Applied by many therapists.
Actively being busy with your back. 20 rollers massage your back muscles in the correct position angle. Prevent or combat back pain and improve the condition of your back.
A stiff and/or stuff neck can cause many problems like pain in your shoulders, headaches and a bad posture. The Neckstretcher offers you the possibility to combat or prevent such problems. Ideal in combination with the Back-/Rolastretcher.
Giant Rolastretcher
Especially for the active athlete and people taller than 190 cm. To prevent back pain, to relax, to stretch your muscles after exercise and to improve you back.
Rola- & Neckstretcher
Many neck complaints are also caused by a too stiff thoracic spine resulting in higher pressure on the neck vertebrae. Neck complaints are then the symptoms, the cause however are the too stiff thoracic vertebrae. The Rolastretcher together with the ...