On the basis of the experience and appreciation that were built up in England, HELPmedical B.V. brought the Backstretcher to The Netherlands. Since then, seven (clinical) studies have taken place in order to further investigate the value of the Backstretcher.

A summary of these studies and their results can be found in this report..

 Download: a brief summary of these studies

Research by: R.S. Neeters, arts

The Backstretcher was demonstrated to 663 physiotherapists and manual therapists, the indication "non-specific back complaints" was mentioned and they were asked for their first impression.

Download: First impression of the working mechanism of the Backstretcher (survey)

Research by General practitioner (J. van Niekerk) and a physiotherapist (M. van Straten)

For 12 patients, who are being treated for chronically severe non-specific back complaints by a general practitioner (J. van Niekerk) and a physiotherapist (M. van Straten), the Backstretcher has been added to the treatment protocol, in which the emphasis was already on anti-kyphosis, under the direction of a physiotherapist.

Download: Chronically severe back complaints

Research by: P. Verweij, physiotherapist

For 28 people taking part in the company fitness programme of the Provinciehuis (County Hall) Utrecht and suffering from low back complaints (subjective) and intensified thoracic kyphosis (objective), the Backstretcher was added to the regular company fitness programme for a period of 4 weeks.

Download: Chronic moderate back complaints

Research by: A.J. Hubers, Arts

The Backstretcher was applied in a group of 18 patients with long-present Bechterew's disease. This patient group has existed for over a year and takes part in an intensive physio-therapeutical programme. The patients have been suffering from this disease for an average of 15 years (spread 4-25 years).

Download: Bechterew's disease (ankylotic spondylosis)

Research by: T. de Beer. Yoga teacher

It has been suggested from different sides that the Backstretcher should be able to play a part in relaxing and fighting stress. In the first place, the Backstretcher is used intensively for this purpose in Japan. In the second place, HELPmedical regularly receives feedback from users about the "relaxing effects".

Download: Relaxation

Research by: R.S. Neeter, Arts

Download: Post Marketing Surveillance