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Instructions for using the Backstretcher

Start with sessions lasting no more than a few minutes at a time. Gradually build-up minute by minute as you progress, maximum between 10-20 minutes. You will find on a daily basis a couple of minutes a day last thing in the evening is sufficient. 
The secret with the Backstretcher is a little and often".

1: Start seated on the floor and aling the bony part of your spine with the centre to allow the vertebrae to rest in the "channel" created between the knobbles. Lie back slowly and relax. This first position creates a straight spine and is equivalent to being propped up in bed. Increase the stretch as you become accustomed to the backstretcher. Your bottom will be sitting on the wooden rollers at the height of the stretch. Support the head with a cushion to make your head and neck comfortable at all times.

2: Move slowly up after using the Backstretcher more often.


Use a cushion behind the head for support and comfort.
Always lie down slowly and gently - never force movements.



A few TIPS:

- don't make forced moves

- start in a position where your spine is straight before you move up to positions where your spine is being stretched

- place the backstretcher on a solid underground (not on your bed, etc.)

- in the beginning you can use a towel to increase your comfort

- int the beginning use a pillow to support your head, which you may remove after several weeks

- during a session try to relax, for example listen to some music etc.

- make sure you won't fall asleep, use an alarmclock if you do

- use the backstretcher on a regular basis, this makes your pain disappear faster


Instructions for using the Rola- / Neckstretcher 



 Instructions for using the Neckstretcher


Instructions for using the Giant Rolastretcher