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Does the backstretcher have a positive effect on people with shoulder and neck problems resulting from RSI?

The backstretcher definitely has had positive effect on neck and shoulder problems resulting from RSI. It manipulates the thoracic vertebrae, your spine will be set in the right position and the pressure on neck, shoulder and lower back will be relieved.

Does the backstretcher help with a hernia?

The backstretcher certainly can help with a hernia. It stretches the spine (especially the thoracic region), the spine will become more mobile and there will be more space between the vertebrae. The posture will improve, this means less burden for the lower back which will have a positive effect on the hernia.

What about different body sizes? How can the Back- and (Giant)Rolastretcher be suitable for different sizes?

The stretchers are supposed to stretch the upper back and the nodules massage the muscles along the spine so that they can relax. The length of the spine is not important.

Is it possible to test the backstretcher?

You can test all stretchers for 14 days. However, you first have to pay for it. If the stretcher proves not to be effective, you can return it and we will refund the price (excluding shipping costs).

Can you buy the stretchers in a shop?

There are no shops that sell the stretchers (except some special shops). The stretchers are mainly distributed via doctors and therapists or you can pick them up in our office at Laren.

Will the fund or insurance pay for the backstretcher?

The fund does not pay for the stretcher. There are some insurance companies that pay for it if you got referral from a doctor (or sometimes a physiotherapist). You should call your insurance company to inform about it.

Why may I not fall asleep on the stretcher?

Lying on the backstretcher for more than 15 minutes can lead to muscles cramps which is very unpleasant.

Why may I not fall asleep on the stretcher?

Considering your complaints the backstretcher can be very effective for you because it mobilizes the thoracic spine. Because of your length I would recommend you to use the Giant Rolastretcher. You can use the stretcher on trial and if it doesn’t show any effect we will refund the purchase price. However, you will have to pay the shipping costs.

I regularly have problems with a sore back especially in the region of my shoulder blades, sometimes combined with a sore neck. What kind of stretcher should I use, the Rolastretcher or the neckstretcher?

Most probably your neck pain is caused by your back pain. The muscles in your neck try to compensate for what your back muscles neglect to do. The Rolatretcher will be the best solution to combat your complaints. If it doesn’t show any effect during the trial period of 14 days you can still send it back.

Is the Rolastretcher as effective as the Ultimate Backstretcher? What is the difference?

The effectiveness of all the stretchers is the same. But if you are taller than 190 cm you better can use the Giant Rolastretcher because the stretching bow of the smaller Rola- or Backstretcher will on long term be less effective for taller people. Some users notice that they faster get used to the Rolastretcher because of its ‘softer’ synthetic rolls which also make it easier to change positions. There are some lying positions that are easier to carry through with the Rolastretcher in combination with the neckstretcher because you have to ‘roll’ back until your lower back rests on the convex part of the Rolastretcher.

I already have pain in my neck for some time resulting in headaches and dizziness. Which of the stretchers could help me?

The most important question is: where does your neck pain come from and is this the reason for your headaches and dizziness. The neckstretcher can help if you are suffering from tension headaches. But if your neck pain is the result of a bad posture you can better use the Back- or Rolastretcher. It would be better to ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice.

We read in your brochure that you can also use the Backstretcher vice versa thus with the high part in the lower back. What is the benefit of using it this way?

First of all the Backstretcher is meant to ‘mobilize’ the thoracic spinal section in order to improve the posture. Using the backstretcher vice versa is not a standard exercise but it gives a pressure point massage to your lower back.