McKenzie Superroll Back Cushion Mini

The Original McKenzie Superrol Mini is one of the most popular rugkussen from the McKenzie rugkussens and word vaak advised to an mensen met rugklachten. Het Rugkussen is a special design for extra special control for people who need vehicles in the car Read more
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The Original McKenzie Super Roll mini

Is a small version of the most popular back cushion of the McKenzie back cushions and is often recommended for people with back problems. The back cushion is universal and specially designed so that the roll can be used in any chair. The back cushion is also very suitable for in the car. The McKenzie super roll mini contributes to good posture while sitting. The Superrol is handmade and therefore very durable.

Application of the McKenzie Superrol mini

Sit as far back as possible in the chair. Bend forward and place the roller horizontally at the level of your pelvic edge (trouser-belt). Now lean back against the roller. You notice that the hollow in the back is supported by the Superrol mini. It can be uncomfortable at first, but you quickly get used to the new sitting position.

How does the McKenzie Superroll mini work?

Incorrect sitting has been shown to seriously increase the pressure in the intervertebral discs in the lower back. Due to this increased pressure in the lower back, you can get back problems, which causes pain or irritation. When used correctly, The Original McKenzie Superrol mini prevents pressure on the intervertebral disc in the lower back and in this way helps patients get rid of their back pain. The McKenzie super roll mini has been designed to aid in the McKenzie back and neck pain treatment, the function of the back cushion is to ensure that you have a hollow back in a sitting position. The McKenzie back cushions are molded from heavy-duty, firm foam and therefore provide great support and are very durable. The cover that surrounds the cushion is easy to remove and so you can wash the cover when desired.

Specifications of the McKenzie Superrol mini
Colour black
Material Foam, fabric and 2 component latex
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 35×15.5×5.5 cm
Hardness 5
Alternative names

McKenzie back pillow, back roll, lower back roll, lower back pillow


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