Cause and solution

Through our lifestyle (sitting behind the computer, in the car, watching tv and stress) we spend many hours in a bad posture. 

This bad posture causes a corrective muscle tension in the area of the neck and lower back. 
The muscles in our neck and lower back constantly have to compensate for our wrong posture resulting in pain in the back, shoulders or neck, including RSI or the ‘mouse arm’.

A balanced combination of massage, stretching and exercise is the solution to theses problems.

The Back- or Rolastretcher, Giant Rolastretcher or the combination of Rola- and Neckstretcher can solve your problem. The stretchers massages, stretches and mobilizes your back every day and your complaints will quickly disappear.


The Back- of Rolastretcher can solve your problem.  The Backstretcher massages, stretches and mobilizes your back every day and your complaints will quickly disappear.  In order to move the right way your thoracic spine must be able to stretch about 5 degrees.
Too much sitting and too little exercise decrease the mobility of the upper back of many people. This leads to a wrong body posture resulting in pain in the lower back and neck. The rounded shape of the stretcher restores the mobility of the upper back. The nodules massage the long muscles along the spine and the spine will become more flexible.  After a while your posture will improve. 
When you combine the use of the Back- or Rolastretcher with abdominal exercises, you are assured of long-lasting results.

Durable cure

The Back- and Rolastretcher are an alternative method of treatment that has proven very successful. It offers great potential to recover from the following complaints: repetitive stress injury, pain in your low back, stiff neck, tension headaches, radiation to the shoulders, stiff thoracic (chest) spine and excessive lordosis. A better posture is the beginning of rehabilitation. The Backstretcher offers you the chance to correct the alignment of your back. The principle is based on Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu Netherlands supports the use of the BackStretcher and Rolastretchers.

Effect of the backstretcher is significant!

For most of the people with chronic back pain without any evident physical cause, the stretchers are very effective. 
Experience shows that this works for approximately 4 out of 5 people with back pain.

The following characteristics are usually present:

  • Rigid thoracic spine with excessive kyphosis (thoracic spine bent forward) Figure A
  • Very hollow lower and upper back with excessive lordosis. (Figure B)
  • Rounded shoulders.
  • Tendency to overstretch the knees.






Study of Satisfaction after using stretcher

Some results of a recent inquiry among 400 people. On average the stretchers have been used for half a year.

What about your complaints?

Have more complaints 2%

Complaints the same


Very little decrease of complaints


Little decrease of complaints

Much decrease of complaints 41%
Complaints nearly gone 30%
Total Votes: 400  

Do you still use the stretcher frequently?

No, never 8%



About once per month


Only when the complaints occur

Use it weekly 38%
Lie on it every day 20%
Total Votes: 400